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This is an awesome tool for tracking your site’s ranking and progress over time. For SEO pros, this is a great way to measure the effects of different SEO techniques over time and see how greatly they impact rankings. It also allows everyone to see exactly where they have holes in their SEO strategies. This tool must be part of your SEO arsenal if you are serious about making sure you get the most traffic, conversions and sales!


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Fantastic tool! Until now I was using RankTracker and MarketSamurai to check the evolution of my rankings but Rankerizer is even easier to use and definitely faster! Thanks a lot for offering this for free, I am sure many people will appreciate.

Vita Vee

For an SEO like me who’s addicted to checking his rankings, this is perfect. This is one of those apps that will stay on all the time on my computer. Much lighter and easier to use than Market Samurai… and free too, you just can’t beat it. I appreciate it a whole lot. Great job guys!

Jack Vartain

Wow, this software is great! It helped me to track hundreds of keywords and the checking speed is amazing, I never use a tracking software like this one, give me result in just minutes! I used to spend over $300+ every year just to get a similar software to work for me.

Kok Choon

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When To Start SEO

When we take on a law firm marketing campaign and plan a redesign of their website, we are almost always asked when SEO should be started. It is a good question because it can make a big difference in the success of a business. The answer is that search engine optimization should be started right away. It only makes sense.

Search rankings won’t improve until you have started SEO. To get the best rankings for your essential keywords, Google has to see you as a trusted domain. This does not happen quickly, which is a plus for you as it keeps less trustworthy domains from succeeding with spam tactics. SEO is a process. Google does not simply rely on keywords. The search crawlers explore the web for signs that your site is trustworthy. It can take 4 to 12 months before your site sees an improvement in search rankings.

Law firms are often competing for the same keyword phrases, and when you are competing in the same geographical area, the process can take even longer. The sooner you get started on optimizing your site and building trust around the web, the better it will be for your success.

When you start building links, you want to make sure those links are coming from sources that are trusted by Google and that those sources are also linked to by other trusted sources. Quality inbound links are known to be an essential part of achieving higher rankings, but you may not realize that even the best inbound links can take 2 to 3 months to make a difference in your search engine rankings. If you want to outrank competitors, it is wise to start building links as soon as your new website goes up.

If you are keeping the same domain name, start a strategic SEO plan immediately. Website design plays a role in converting visitors into potential clients or leads, but it is not as important when it comes to off-page search engine optimization. If you already have an existing website, off-page SEO can begin before we finish the new design. On-page SEO requires the optimization of content and code, while off-page optimization is everything that is not on your website. The majority of SEO is done off of your website, and it involves more than building incoming links. Our off-site SEO campaigns include analysis and research that reaches further than adding verified and quality inbound links.

We analyze your Google profile, link profile, search console, competitor links, competitor content, and content gaps. We also research keywords and your competitor’s ad campaigns. Our work includes link building and monitoring, outreach to influencers, and disavowing file submissions. All of the above are done outside of your website and without changing any of your code or content.

A website redesign and development project usually takes 3 to 4 months from start to finish. When we launch a website, Google will already be gathering the trust signals it needs to rank your website higher in search engine results. Your initial SEO work is done before your website launches.

If you are changing your domain name or starting a brand new domain, you can wait to start the SEO process. Some clients find that poor search engine optimization practices have damaged Google’s trust in their domain, and it is better to start fresh with a new domain. If that is where you are, it is a good idea to start your SEO process when your website launches. There are situations in which you might want to begin SEO sooner. For example, if you need to get rid of bad links and disavow links, you should begin doing that right away. If you have NAP consistency problems, that should be started on right away as well.

The majority of the time, a new domain means that SEO starts after the website is launched. This is especially true when you are starting a brand new website.

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Finding The Right SEO Company For Your Needs

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool. When performed correctly, it can provide several benefits to your company.
But the effectiveness of your SEO implementation will determine how much SEO will help you.
It is particularly important for your business to engage the most relevant and top resources available. Only then your company will find success in SEO.
Overall, there are three common paths to follow where your business can source their SEO services:
In-house staff: this is your internal marketing crew or your personnel devoted to SEO activities like as content marketing.
SEO software: automation software to select SEO services. Moz is a great example of SEO software. You can use it for researching keywords and verify the competition for certain keywords, based on how strong your competition is.
SEO company: some SEO companies are experts in what they do. They can customize an SEO program, so your business visibility in search engines is increased.
In-house teams and software offer clear benefits; the cost is the best. While they still represent costs for the company, plus the need for employee training, they cost less than choosing an SEO services provider.
Having said that, your company is best not to ignore the value of hiring SEO companies. An SEO company has industry expertise and technical knowledge to optimize your website for higher search rankings.
However, you still need to find an adequate partner for your business if you want to get the highest value from an SEO partner.
Finding and partnering with an SEO company involves due diligence and understanding your wants.
Here are the top three elements you should have in mind while choosing an SEO company.
1. Use Your Company Goals To Choose Your SEO Strategy
Before the SEO company search, you should define how SEO will fit your company strategy.
Your marketing and business goals should point the direction and define the shape of your SEO strategy.
If, for example, you want to improve your branding, the budget allocated for SEO should address that question.
And this is what you should communicate with your SEO service provider. The clearer your approach is, the higher your chances are of achieving your goals.
SEO companies are experts who know how to marry strategy to your chosen goals, be they branding or whatever else you decide.
2. Vet Potential SEO Providers By Asking Educated Questions
The simplest way to understand whether an SEO company will be a good fit for your business is by spending time and talking with them.
A partnership like that will work much smoother when there is an exchange of expectations and clear communication between both parties.
You can also vet SEO companies according to their experience in providing services for similar businesses in your industry, with your size, and with shared goals.
It is your responsibility to research how they plan on using SEO for helping your business.
Drawing hypotheses in your mind for the types of SEO services you would want to be included in your SEO campaign also helps when defining the partnership terms with your SEO company.
Even if your hypotheses are not completely accurate, any serious SEO company will acknowledge you have done your homework. This way, you also provide a starting point to help you understand how close your distant your expectations are.
Read reviews and ratings as part of your research and vetting process, especially the SEO company’s specialty and industry focus. The more thorough you are, the better you will be able to find the best SEO companies for your needs.
3. Set a Budget
As obvious as it may seem, this is the step where most businesses back from hiring an SEO company.
By setting a realistic price range, you also simplify the hiring process.
Here are some pointers to keep in mind when setting an SEO services budget:
– Good SEO comes at a price. If you are considering to trade an SEO partner for your internal team or automated software, keep in mind that there are opportunity costs in man-hours assigned to your personnel. Software has both an initial cost and a training cost as well.
– Multiple factors determine the final cost of SEO services to your specific case. If you need to redesign an outdated site, this is an extra service that will need to be done in order to help boost your online rankings. This is an example of an additional technical service that is worth its price. However, it will increase the ticket price of the SEO service package.
– No serious company can ever offer a ranking guarantee. Also, effective SEO done properly takes time to kick in. You should think in terms of 9 months to one year of execution for an SEO strategy to arrive at its destination. Only at that point, you should consider revisiting your initial agreement.
– This process also requires research from your side. It is your responsibility to understand which SEO services cost more or less and which price-affecting factors apply to your specific case.
Price transparency should be a part of your vetting process. Trustworthy SEO companies will be clear about the price and allow you to make cost-benefit reasoning.
Consider The Value Potential Of SEO Partners
SEO is a wonderful way to market your company on a growing media full of customer interaction.
Out of the three cited resources for SEO services – in-house staff, SEO software, and SEO companies – SEO companies are the path to choose for the highest possibilities of success.
SEO companies expertise allows the implementation of an SEO campaign tailored to your business and its needs and priorities.
If you go through the entire process documented in this article and take the time to examine your goals properly, find out the best service providers and SEO companies for reaching these company goals, and choose a realistic price range to achieve the goals you listed, the entire process of finding and partnering with the right SEO company will be much smoother and efficient, also likelier to yield good results for both parties.

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